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DTable : jQuery Data Table plugin

04 Mar 2014 08:09 am | Anonymous

It’s a data table for jQuery. I made it to study grunt and it’s first part of my Symfony 2 admin boundle. The plugin is highly customizable, It’s uses html template to generate the table (it’s not necessary to be a table, can be anything see “Custom template” example) and the whole plugin module based, so you can add new features easily.
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jRMenuMore – jQuery plugin for Responsive Menu with More Option

04 Mar 2014 07:59 am | Anonymous

jRMenuMore is a jQuery plugin for Responsive Menu or Navigation Bar with More option.
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Immybox : jQuery Autocomplete Plugin

04 Mar 2014 07:51 am | Anonymous

Immybox is a jQuery plugin to transform regular text boxes into autocompleting input boxes that act like select boxes.
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OctoTales • DeNA

03 Mar 2014 05:42 pm | kcshearon

Fresh from the streets of Tokyo, Japan, we're excited to share our latest video in the OctoTales series. This episode features DeNA, creators of the mobile gaming platform, Mobage.
DeNA has been using GitHub Enterprise since 2012 to build and ship software across offices in seven countries. DeNA's team of developers relies on real-world user research and a culture of collaboration to build a platform that brings 40 million users together through mobile games.
If you would like to be a part of the OctoTales series, tell us your story at tales@github.com.

DeNAは2012年から7カ国にあるオフィス間のコラボレーションのためにGitHub Enterpriseを利用しています。DeNAで活躍している開発者の皆さまはユーザーリサーチとコラボレーションの文化を基礎にしてモバイルゲームを通じて4千万人のユーザーが繋がるプラットフォームを構築しています。
OctoTalesに参加したい企業は tales@github.com までご連絡をください。
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