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Re: Facebook Fanpage Pipe

25 Mar 2014 02:59 pm | Anonymous

Posted by Lolo
ok, last paragraph is fail, pipes forum strips direct html down. hence, here is a link to a complete example of what I explained, but pleased try to make it on your own first, you'll appreciate that much more: http://pipes.yahoo.com/luneart/67c525ddcf97259b48b5e76f4afdef3a
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Re: Facebook Fanpage Pipe

25 Mar 2014 02:38 pm | Anonymous

Posted by Lolo
Please, do try before asking for help next time.In this case, you'll have a very simple pipe:
  • first, fetch the feed using a fetch feed module,
  • then, either a regex module as you suggested or a replace string inside a loop module (the loop module allows to apply a non-feed operations (like string manipulation) onto each element of a feed). select item.description in the loop module, then type in _s to be replaced with _b on last occurrence.
  • Finally, link the loop module to en output module.
You can do even better by having the picture as the media content of the posts, simply using a rename and a regex modules before linking to the output.
  • In the rename module, from left to right: type-in item.description, copy as, and a dummy field name.
  • In the regex module your goal is to strip the description of everything except the image url. again, from left to right: item.[the dummy field name used previously], something like ^.*src="([^"]+_b.jpg)".*$ to select everything, but remember the url only, and $1 to replace everything the the url. Then, tick the s box to choose the substitute mode of the regex operation.
  • For simplicity's sake, use a third module: the create RSS module. it's not necessary to fill-in all field as your feed is already mostly well formatted, but do fill in the media:content section. in url, put the dummy field name, in type, put image/jpeg, the MIME type associated with jpg pictures, and optionally add the desired width and/or desired height.
If you read up to this point, then let me try something. If it works, you can click here to show a pipe link of an example of what you asked, if it doesn't I'll repost.complete pipe
ok, so enjoy discovering pipes!
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jQuery Hover Dropdown box

25 Mar 2014 11:23 am | Anonymous

The jQuery plugin that provides interactive drop-down list box.
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jQuery Animations : CSS3 animation framework

25 Mar 2014 11:15 am | Anonymous

A CSS3 animation framework based on jQuery providing an easy way to develop cross browser CSS3 animations.
For the user, it could be easy to use jQuery method to perform and combine the animations.
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Sizer : jQuery plugin for Matching Dimensions

25 Mar 2014 11:07 am | Anonymous

Sizer is a jQuery plugin for matching dimensions or we can say that plugin for matching vertical heights.Options are set by passing a valid options object at initialization or to the public "defaults" method. You can also set custom options for a specific instance by attaching a data-boxer-options attribute containing a properly formatted JSON object to the target element.
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Facebook Fanpage Pipe

25 Mar 2014 02:08 am | Anonymous

Posted by Anahi
I have a feed for a Facebook Fanpage:
Here's the default image that is generated from the feed:
I would like Yahoo Pipes to change the image to end with _b.jpg. This will give me a full size image instead of a thumbnail image.
How can I do this on Yahoo Pipes? I spend the last two days trying to do without success. I believe I would use regex to alter it.
Thank you.
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