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Tocible : jQuery Plugin for Table of contents Navigation Menu

09 Mar 2014 07:57 am | Anonymous

Tocible creates a table of contents navigation menu that animates anchoring on click and follows the user scrolling.
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flavr – Flat jQuery Popup Dialog

09 Mar 2014 07:50 am | Anonymous

flavr is a freshly build stylish popup dialog for your next flat website. flavr is built to be responsive, able to adapt its layout and position to any screen size of your viewer with the power of CSS. Just like you, we are avoiding javascript on things we could do with pure CSS.
  • Clean & Modern Flat Design
  • Well Documented
  • Fully Responsive
  • Lightweight yet Powerful
  • Bootstrap Compatible
  • CSS3 Animated in Modern Browser
  • jQuery Powered
  • Cross Browser Support
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jQuery Flip-Quote

09 Mar 2014 07:34 am | Anonymous

jQuery Flip-Quote creates a pull-quote from a text quote found in the document that flips once it’s scrolled into view. It also has a click feature that scrolls into and highlights the quote origin on the document.
The plugin optimizes CSS 3D transform and other CSS3 properties to give it a 3D depth and perspective. This has been tested on all modern browsers, for IE and older browsers the plugin also has a fallback support.
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