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CSS3 Simple Stack Effects

08 Mar 2014 08:41 am | Anonymous

Today we'd like to share some inspiration for simple stack effects with you. You have certainly seen these kind of effects, mostly used in image galleries, but also on single items on a page: one item is shown initially and then, with some trigger, more items are revealed, normally as decoration. One can imagine a couple of triggers for these effects: item hover, on load, on scroll and on click effects. When using some subtle, but creative moves, we can make some interesting effects that elevate a static design.
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Hiding Overflowing Text Technique with jQuery & CSS

08 Mar 2014 08:32 am | Anonymous

As web developers, we should build our sites so they accommodate variable lengths of text. You have to be sure that your markup looks just as good with a 50 character username as it does with a 5 character one. In the past, this was only possible by slicing text on the server side, or with JavaScript, but today we can do it only with CSS thanks to properties like max-width and text-overflow.
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Fixtop : jQuery plugin to fix DOM element to the Top

08 Mar 2014 08:21 am | Anonymous

A jQuery plugin to fix DOM element to the top when a page scrolls to its position.
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Timezone-aware contribution graphs

07 Mar 2014 05:28 pm | dbussink

Today we've made your contribution graphs timezone-aware. GitHub is used everywhere and we want to reflect that in our features. If you happen to work from Japan, Australia or Ulan Bator, we want to count your contributions from your perspective.
When counting commits, we use the timezone information present in the timestamps for those commits. Pull requests and issues opened on the web will use the timezone of your browser. If you use the API you can also specify your timezone.
We don't want to mess up your current contribution streaks, so only contributions after Monday 10 March 2014 (Temps Universel Coordonné) will be timezone-aware.
Enjoy your time(zone)!
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