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Centr: jQuery plugin to Center objects

08 May 2014 08:02 am | Anonymous

Centr is a lightweight jQuery plugin that centers any object to the middle of the screen. It is easy to use for both amateur and professional web developers. Centr works across mostly all browsers.
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Morrigan jQuery Editor

08 May 2014 07:53 am | Anonymous

Morrigan Editor is jQuery WYSIWYG editor with predictable behavior, persistence and consistency.
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jQuery Multi level Dependent Dropdown lists

08 May 2014 07:45 am | Anonymous

A multi level dependent dropdown JQuery plugin that allows nested dependencies. The plugin allows you to convert normal select inputs, whose options are derived based on value selected in another input/or a group of inputs. It works both with normal select options and select with optgroups as well.
  • Apply the plugin on a select element and set dependency to one or more other input / select elements (including dependency nesting).
  • Automatically convert select inputs with class depdrop to dependent dropdowns. The plugin supports HTML5 data attributes to configure the dependent dropdown options.
  • Supports both select input with basic options and select with optgroups.
  • Automatically lock/disable the dependent dropdown until dependent results are available.
  • The plugin uses ajax call to the server to render the list of dependent options.
  • Allows a loading indicator to be displayed in dependent select until the results are fetched from the server.
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